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What to do after your massage?

What to do after your massage?

The following blog covers some advice and tips to get a healthy experience with your remedial massage treatment.
Rest and recover and avoid heavy exercises after your massage:
Exercising after a session can both increase muscles soreness and compromise the value of the soft tissue work you’ve just received. Give your body time to heal and settle after your remedial massage.Tips: If you have a daily gym routine, try to plan your appointment after your workout to allow the day to rest. If you want to work out after your remedial massage, keep it light!
Drink water:
It’s important to hydrate post-massage. Similar to a work out your muscles and tissue can become dehydrated during a massage. Drinking plenty of water after your massage it’s helpful in rehydration and may help to remove metabolic waste.
Apply a heat pack if your massage therapist has suggested that:
Heat applied will help open up your blood vessels and promote blood circulation. Nutrients and oxygen are supplied to vessels that reduces soreness and pain in muscles and joints.
When to book your next Remedial Massage:
Your Remedial massage therapist may have recommended a timeframe for you to return. Often it’s recommended to return 2 weeks after your FIRST massage to then re-assess and define a good timeframe based on your needs.For a good maintenance program is recommend having a remedial massage every 4/6 weeks 
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