Remedial Massage


One of the oldest forms of healing, it is effective in managing body pains, soft tissue injuries; stress and anxiety; and relief from migraines and headaches.


Mount Lawley Physiotherapy & Podiatry Remedial and soft tissue massage therapy in Perth improves circulation, increases joint strength, releases and stretches muscle tightness and speeds up recovery time for a variety of ailments. These include neck and back pain, tension headaches, frozen shoulder, arthritis, sciatica, stress and muscular cramps/spasms.

The types of massage services we provide are:
• Deep tissue
• Remedial
• Sport recovery
• Swedish/relaxation
• Pregnancy

Experience the power of massage therapy and allied health services.

Remedial massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions (knotted, tense, or immobile) that cause pain and restrict human movement. The assessment helps the therapist identify which muscles are functioning incorrectly and muscle and postural imbalances. To help alleviate these dysfunctions remedial massage uses a range of techniques and movements (gentle, strong, deep or shallow). This helps to stimulate blood supply, making the joints more mobile and helps to repair damaged tissues. Inevitably, working to rebalance the body and contribute to optimal health.

Relaxation massage uses smooth, gliding strokes that aim to promote general relaxation, relieve muscular tension and improve circulation and range of movement. Compared to other therapeutic massages, it is slower in pace and lighter pressure. The therapist can also target a few trigger points if desired by the client. Swedish massage is the best-known form of relaxation massage.

Deep tissue massage employs a firm pressure that works specific muscles and tension areas. It can help to relieve muscle spasms and any associated pain whilst aiming to improve flexibility and posture. It is designed to help relieve severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue. It also allows the therapist to target more trigger points, while also focusing on the dense layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissues that surround the muscle).

Sports massage is an application of massage, not a massage technique. The type of technique or treatment applied is dependent on the nature of the stage of training or competition, sports injury or condition and the assessment of the remedial massage therapist. The aim of sports massage is to reduce the stress and tension that can build up in the soft tissue of the body that occur during exercise, helping improve performance, reduce the chance of injury and reduce the recovery time after an injury.

We are fully equipped with a pregnancy massage bed, this means you are able to lay face down for your massage rather than on your side. This leads to the relaxation you need whilst having your massage. Please be aware pressure is decreased overall to approximately 4-6/10 intensity, due to your growing baby and hard working circulation system. Our massage therapists, are experienced in treating women who are pregnant so you can have peace of mind that you are incapable/ professional hands. Please note we suggest three months post-birth before returning to remedial or massage therapy. This is gauged approximately on general hormone physiology.

Myofascial Cupping is an amazing technique used by Massage Therapies to promote nutrient-rich blood to areas, providing increased circulation to stretch muscle tissue. The myofascial cups are positioned over tight muscle and fascia and used in a variety of different techniques. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, fatigue, migraines and rheumatism.


Massage can help improve your quality of life, so don’t hesitate to call one of our therapists today.


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Health Fund claiming is available for Remedial Massage – Check with your health fund to see if you have massage cover.

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