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Tennis Elbow: Why, Where and What to do

Tennis Elbow: Why, Where and What to do

Tennis elbow is one of the most deceptive terms in a Physiotherapist’s vocabulary. Why, because I estimate that over the course of my career, less than 10% of the ‘Tennis Elbow’s’ I’ve seen are actually caused by tennis.

Tennis elbow is a form of tendinopathy (previously called tendinitis). It is caused when one of the tendons on the outside of your elbow gets overworked and sore as a result. It tends to be caused by tasks that involve a repetitive firm grip over the course of the day or from sustained typing and using a mouse.

Treatment of the condition usually involves looking at the underlying factors that are causing it and addressing these whilst simultaneously strengthening the tendon through graduated exercises. Braces and taping can also help to reduce pain so you can get back doing the things you want sooner.


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