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At Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry, our podiatrists are heavily focused and invested in keeping you walking and moving better for longer. Not only do we perform thorough assessments on your gait, muscular strength, joint strength and general foot health, we also ensure treatment plans and long-term rehabilitation are entirely individualized and suitable for your lifestyle. This ranges from at-home stretching and exercise plans, to hands-on treatment, and most importantly footwear. Our Head Podiatrist Angelo Velho worked at The Athletes Foot for 4 years and has passed on his knowledge and expertise to all practitioners at Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry. From firsthand experience to maintaining knowledge and expertise of footwear, our staff are all highly trained when recommending footwear.   Often when treating injuries or dealing with chronic pain management, we find that patients’ footwear is not suitable for their activities and/or work. From flat shoes to high heels and everything in between, all shoes alter the biomechanics of your lower limb and can even place undue stress on all joints from your lower back to your 5thtoe. If you are dealing with tight, achy, fatigued feet, or rehabilitating from an ankle/knee surgery, footwear will make a big difference in your recovery.  

Running Shoes

In terms of sneakers and athletic shoes, we often recommend several brands depending on your gait and biomechanics. Athletic shoes come in 3 main categories:
  • Neutral/Cushioned – minimal arch control and lighter. Suitable for neutral foot types and orthotic wearers
  • Stability – blend of arch control and cushioning. Most popular category of shoe and offer ground contact stability
  • Maximum Support – most supportive and controlling, designed to slow down excessive flattening of the arch. Offers maximum ground contact and stability.
  You can also purchase Minimalist shoes (often designed with no support or cushioning) which are designed for maximum ground feel, and Trail shoes (more rugged outsole for tracks and bush walking).   For running and gym work, we often recommend looking at running shoes. However, for sports and general day-to-day walking, we often recommend cross-trainers instead, as they are hard-wearing and offer more support for your ankles. Popular brands sold across Perth include:
·      Mizuno ·      New Balance ·      Nike ·      Saucony
·      Adidas ·      Asics ·      Brooks ·      Hoka One One  
We work closely with The Athletes Foot stores across Perth to ensure our patients are fitted up correctly and provided with the best shoes for their activity levels. All Athletes Foot stores also utilise a MyFit technology which identifies areas of pressure and motion analysis to provide you with A Perfect Fit.  

Lifestyle Shoes

Unfortunately, majority of lifestyle brands available for purchase are flat, unsupportive and don’t offer much in terms of comfort for long distance walking. These can often lead to problems such as heel and arch pain, fatigue in the feet and lower legs, knee problems (due to lack of cushioning) and other joint pains.   The top brands we often recommend for female shoes are:
  • Ziera
  • Paul Carroll
The other top brands we recommend which offer both male and female footwear, both of which are based online are:
  • Bared(Melbourne-based)
  • Frankie4(Brisbane-based)
The best features about these brands are that their shoes are often designed with an in-built orthotic to help provide support and comfort for your feet, allowing you to walk all day in them. They have a variety of shoes, from heels to comfortable flats. Both Bared and Frankie4 are designed by podiatrists, giving you that extra tick of approval. They are all podiatry-approved, extremely comfortable and good-looking shoes! You may even catch one of our staff members with a pair of their shoes on.  

Work Shoes

For work shoes, again our podiatrists will often look at Bared, Frankie4, Ziera and Paul Carroll for your office-based oxford and loafer style shoes. Other brands to look out for are:
  • Rockport
  • Airflex
  • Ecco
  • Ascent(sold at The Athletes Foot stores, and online)

School Shoes

For black school shoes, unfortunately there isn’t much range when searching for shoes. The top brands we recommend are Clarks and Ascent, both of which are extremely comfortable and designed to fit orthotics in if necessary. In terms of athletic sneakers, Asics, New Balance, Ascent and Nike are the best options for children.


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