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Water is just coffee that hasn’t reached its own potential

Water is just coffee that hasn’t reached its own potential

Hi, I’m Sal and I am one of the Physios of Mount Lawley Physio and Podiatry. I have known for a long time that I do not consume enough water, sadly coffee does not count! So this got me thinking… maybe if I knew the benefits I would be more likely to drink this boring, hydrating liquid?
  • Benefits of water
Maximise physical performance
H2o helps the transport of oxygen to your muscles when needed for exertion
Improves energy levels and brain function
This also leads to helping control our mood and emotions
Prevention and treatment of headaches
Allows better oxygen flow to our brains
Improves joint lubrication
Our joints are surrounded and protected by water- which needs to be kept in healthy supply
Aid in weight loss
Water quenches your thirst without the added calories of sugary choices + curbs hunger
Helps to keep our skin healthy and looking younger
Hydrated skin reduces your risk of dry skin conditions such as dermatitis and infection and aids in elastin
  • How much do I need?
Depending on your body weight, activity level and temperature you can range from 1.8L to 5.6L per day
  • Remedies I am going to use to aid in drinking more water
  1. Add flavour with natural fruits such as lemon, lime or berry
  2. Drink from a glass water bottle
  3. Keep my water cold to quench my thirst
  4. Keep my water bottle accessible in my office or bag
  5. Routinely sip between seeing my clients
  6. Drink a glass of water before my coffee
Ok, everyone, the benefits look pretty enticing so over the next month I am going to endeavour to drink more water- hopefully, it will become a routine for me!Book an appointment with me in April and we can talk more ways to spice up the boring liquid if I’m late hopefully I am drinking water 😊 
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