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Shin Splints and Running Pain Part 2

Shin Splints and Running Pain Part 2

As a continuation from the first blog discussing shin splints, this blog will discuss the importance of muscle massage release work and gentle stretches to help with soreness and recovery post-running.  

If the pain is adjacent to your shin bone then running an ice cube/block adjacent to your shin will assist, otherwise applying an ice pack in the painful area will also assist with reducing pain.

Importantly you also want to ensure that your muscles are mobile before a run to help with appropriate lengthening and mobility. Applying heat to the calf muscles pre-run may also assist.  In addition, recovery massage and stretches post-run is also important to help reduce tightness from the overactive and weak muscles.

Please see below for some examples of ball release work and stretches you can perform. Stay tuned for the next blog for some helpful strengthening exercises. Remember, footwear is also an important contributing factor to running mechanics.

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