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Podiatric Medical Pedicures

Podiatric Medical Pedicures

Our podiatrists at Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry are highly qualified and experts at providing a relaxing medical pedicure for patients from all walks of life. We follow strict, sterile protocols to guarantee healthy, beautiful feet.

We have created a medical pedicure treatment as patients often attend for pedicures at nail salons, who may use unsterilized equipment, resulting in nail and skin infections.

Medical pedicures generally take between 20-40 minutes, is painless, and the best part is you’re able to use your private health cover to cover the cost of the consult (if you have podiatric cover)!!  

Why are our pedicures ‘medical’? 

All our instruments are sterilised according to Australian Medical Health Standards, and we follow strict infection control procedures, including use of personal protective equipment. It is guaranteed to be safe and hygienic.

What is included in a ‘medi pedi’?

Our medical pedicure treatment involves use of sterilised instruments and single-use scalpel blades. A consultation includes:

  • A full assessment of your nail/skin health
  • Trimming and filing of nails, and cleaning of nail edges including ingrown toenail treatment 
  • Identification and treatment of fungal nails 
  • Debridement and reduction of calluses, cracked skin and corns 
  • Treatment of other skin conditions, including warts, blisters or fungal skin infections 
  • A gentle foot massage with our special foot moisturisers to provide a clean finish
  • A short- and long-term treatment protocol to keep your feet looking healthy and happy for longer 

Long-term care

At Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry, we generally recommend between 6-10 weeks between consults. For cracked heels that occur on a regular basis, we may review you monthly to get on top of the issues before they become painful again. 

Self-care at home is highly recommended. We recommend use of Vitamin E and Urea-based moisturisers, that can penetrate the tough skin on the soles of your feet better. Use of pumice stones and foot baths are also recommended to keep the skin soft. 

Footwear-wise, it is best to wear sandals/thongs that have a slight heel cup, as they reduce the stress on the skin. Birkenstocks, Orthaheel, Merrell, Bared and Frankie4 are some examples of brands that are suited for patients with skin conditions. However, closed-shoes are the best footwear to prevent the skin from cracking. 

What are you waiting for? Book yourself in with one of our podiatrists, and take the first step to happy, healthy, beautiful feet! 

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