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Winter Time Neck Pains

Winter Time Neck Pains

One of the more common injuries we see here at Mt Lawley is the “winter neck”. This is a broad term we use to cover a few common neck related injuries that are seen over the winter months. The most common of these are:

– Acute Wry Neck (AWN)

– Cervico-Genic Headaches (CGHA)


What people don’t know is that there are some simple, yet effective ways which can reduce the occurrence of these injuries, or help you recover quickly once it has occurred.


Semi-frequent use of heat-packs or hot water bottles can reduce the amount of tightness in the muscles of the neck. 2-3 times a week is a good amount to aim for. Tight neck muscles is often a cause of the ‘winter neck’.


Routine stretching throughout the day. Particularly for those who are stuck at their desk for most of the day, this will be key in preventing muscle tightness from occurring.


Try to avoid the neck being  exposed to the elements. This includes the cold weather, which brings with it low temperatures and cool breezes. A handy way to do this is to wear a scarf or a jacket/jumper with a hood.


Don’t sit under/too close to the heater at home or your workplace. This will warm you well, but will mean you are not well layered. When you move away from the heater in your lunch break or at the end of the day, you will expose the neck to a large variation in temperature which is recipe for locking and tightness in the neck. The same goes for the reverse in the summer months!


Failing this, it is best to seek some  treatment from your Physiotherapist to get you back on track and pain free ASAP!

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