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Lower Back Sprains

Lower Back Sprains

One of the more common injuries we see at the clinic is a lower back sprain. More specifically this is called a ‘facet joint sprain’. It is typically sustained following a lifting + rotation movement. In more severe cases it can be felt immediately at the time of injury and cause moderate to significant pains. In other cases it can be brought on by repetition of a rotational movement for a prolonged period of time and the pain won’t be noticeable until activity ceases or a little later that day (sometimes even the next morning). In both examples, simple back sprains are probably the “best” type of back injury to sustain (if there is such a thing!). This is because the recovery is relatively quick and if managed appropriately, won’t be any more likely to occur than it was in the first place! Below are some simple things you can do in the early stages of this injury which will really speed up your recovery time:
  • Apply heat/cold to the affected area (beyond 2 days of injury – only apply heat)
  • Make use of Anti-inflammatory creams and drugs for the first 2-3 days following injury
  • Stay active! This means not resorting to bed rest. You want to keep walking and moving, but you want to avoid any lifting and rotation of the spine. A simple rule to follow is: Be as active as possible, without doing anything that causes you pain or discomfort
  • Visit your Physio at the earliest convenience. Preferably within 1-3 days of injury occurring. Early intervention always speeds up the recovery time!
Most can make a full recovery within 2 weeks or less with just a few Physio appointments and adherence to the above points.

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