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What is Fascia?

What is Fascia?

Fascia means “band” in Latin, is a band or sheet of connective tissue primarily collagen, beneath the skin that attaches, stabilized, encloses and separates muscles, and other internal organs. Fascia holds together the entire body, it’s connected from our head to our toes. When it’s healthy it’s flexible, supple and it glides.

What is fascia adhesion/knots?

When the fascia is unhealthy it can cause a host of problems, in this case, it’s sticky, clumpy, tight, and forms restrictions, adhesions and distortions (muscles knots)

Why is it important to keep your fascia healthy?

  • Improve body symmetry and alignment
  • Increase blood flow which means faster exercises recovery
  • Scar tissue breakdown
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Less day to day pain
  • Improve sport performance

Remedial Massage plays an important role in keeping your fascia healthy, using different types of massage techniques. Come and see us at Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry for your fascia needs.

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