Disc Bulge

 Disc Bulge

What is a Disc Bulge/ Symptoms?

 Disc Bulge

Spinal discs are located in you neck, middle and lower back. They are shock- absorbing structures that separate your bony vertebral bodies. They allow movement at each spinal level and create room for spinal nerves to exit from the spinal canal and supply your limbs. 

A bulging disc also known as a slipped or protruding disc is a condition where the nucleus (inner portion) of a spinal disc remains contained in the annulus fibrosus (outer portion). When a disc bulge is severe the nucleus may come out of the annulus leading to a herniated disc. Issues with discs can be caused by accumulated trauma, sudden trauma or sudden unexpected load. 

Bulging discs are a concern as they can put pressure on nerve roots causing severe and debilitating pain. 

The most common symptoms of a disc bulge are

  • Pain aggravated by sitting, bending, forward movements
  • Pain Coughing or sneezing
  • Pain with lifting 
  • Pain radiating from the back down a limb (leg or arm)

Treatment of a Disc Bulge

 Disc Bulge

Treating inflammation is the first step of settling a bulging disc. This can be achieved by your Physiotherapist with the use of ice, acupuncture, electrotherapy and taping. We can then aid you with restoring function through soft tissue techniques and gentle stretching. Finally we integrate your daily activities through building strength, educating you on manual techniques and empowering you to aid in your recovery. 

Although  a disc bulge may settle with time alone- Physiotherapy can optimise and speed your recovery up. They will consider your disc bulge size, location and neurological symptoms and recommend a plan to get you back to full health.

 Disc Bulge
 Disc Bulge
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