Diabetic Foot

 Diabetic Foot

What is Numbness/ Ulceration and how does it relate to Diabetic feet?

 Diabetic Foot

Peripheral neuropathy is the technical term that refers to the damage of nerves that branch from the spinal cord to supply the rest of the body. The most common are pain, numbness, tingling, burning or weakness, and usually present in the foot. It is extremely dangerous as patients often do not detect an injury, causing ulceration of the affected skin. 

Diabetes is the leading cause in peripheral neuropathy. People with diabetes can experience foot complications due to the damage that high blood glucose levels cause to the nerves, blood vessels, skin and pressure distribution in the feet. There is an overall increased risk of developing foot problems such as poor circulation, nerve damage & altered sensation, dry cracked skin, toe deformities, ulcerations and infection, even leading to amputation of the foot, ankle or leg.

Treatment/ Assessment of the Diabetic foot

 Diabetic Foot

You can reduce the risk of any foot and leg problems with daily foot checks and regular diabetic foot assessment screenings. Follow these steps

  • Check your feet daily for signs of swelling, redness or other changes not normal to you
  • Wash your feet daily and dry well
  • Moisturise dry skin, especially cracked heels
  • Check for signs of poor circulation, altered sensation and changes to skin integrity – your podiatrist can help identify these signs and symptoms with you
  • Wear shoes or supportive sandals/thongs at all times. Avoid being barefoot as this increases risk of causing damage to the skin

Diabetic wound treatment focuses on relieving pressure from the area and removing dead skin cells and tissue through a process called debridement. The wound is then medicated and dressed to prevent infection and promote healing. For more severe wounds, patients may be required to wear special footwear or a brace to relieve pressure and irritation to the wound. Regular check ups with your Podiatrist are essential to maintaining your foot health and safety. Here at Mount Lawley Physiotherapy and Podiatry we are highly trained to keep you healthy through your diabetic care.

 Diabetic Foot
 Diabetic Foot
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